St Edmund’s Road, Ipswich

Client: Private

An extension and renovation of a 1970’s bungalow situated in Ipswich, Suffolk.

The re-design completely reorientates the layout of the dwelling reconnecting the building with the street front and its linear plot.

A dramatic corridor runs along the full length of the side of the existing footprint with a deliberate view through to the rear courtyard from the entrance. Half way along the corridor, opens up into the new staircase with a tall Douglas fir balustrade which provides access to the new loft bedroom. At the end of the corridor, which directly connects to the rear extension, the main living space is revealed. The lounge, dining and kitchen area are combined in an L shaped space ideal for entertaining a large group of guests.

Recognising the potential views at roof level a new asymmetrical gable at the rear is positioned to maximise the view across the town centre and Suffolk landscape beyond. At the same time the ridge heights and scale of the extensions have been considered in relation to the sensitive context.