Melton Hill, Woodbridge

Client: Active Urban Property Group

Status: Ongoing

Location: Woodbridge

The redevelopment of the Melton Hill site presents an exciting and unique opportunity to create an exceptional new address for Woodbridge and the surrounding area with a development of high quality residential accommodation in the heart of this important town.Our visionary approach is based around a contemporary design, as encouraged by the original planning position statement.

“Buildings should be of high quality, contemporary design with simple and robust detailing to provide low-maintenance and sustainable solutions. Contemporary design, using good modern materials, is encouraged, and the rhythm and pattern of any new development shouldre ect and reinforce that in the locality. Pastiche should be avoided.”

The key approach was to understand the locality and its relationshop with the townscape and river scene. We very quickly realised the unique grain of the town consists of roadways perpendicular to the river Deben. However, the majority of these lacked any visual enagament with one another. The vision is to positively gain from these existing characteristics to create an enhanced environment for both residents and the local community. With a unique approach to eliminate cars from the majority of the site creates spaces between the buildings that are as important as the buildings themselves. This type of environment and approach has been proven to promote a greater level of interaction, safety, sustainability, and therefore a positive sense of community.

The concept for this unique site is for strikingly designed ‘villas in a park’ overlooking Sutton Hoo. The buildings are designed in a contemporary style using a robust, local palette of materials including brick and timber. The new homes provided will comprise a mixture of 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed and Penthouse apartments and 2 and 3 bed townhouses. Various small businesses, including a local artisan coffee house, have expressed an interest in the commercial space.