The Old Cottage, Sudbourne

Client: Private Client

The new dwelling has been considered as a subservient building to the existing cottage and is presented to the public highway as a single low-lying volume showing a gabled elevation, comprised of the main dwelling volume and the gardens boundary wall. The built form offers numerous openings into and through spaces featuring archways and curves referencing the Old Cottage porthole openings and arched windows and dormers.

The main dwelling form is built with a high quality cottage red brick to situate the building firmly within the context of the village. It is proposed that the brick bond be either a flemish bond to match the majority of cottage construction or a Sussex bond which also provides a much more contextual crafted appearance than a typical stretcher bond. The roof is proposed to be a clay pan-tile on the main roof, with a wild flower rood garden over the at roof area. Timber boarding forms part of the kitchen and cottage gardens boundary walls at high level and high levels of the house to the garden facing elevations. These will be allowed to weather naturally and silver to re ect the adjacent thatched roof of the cottage. Windows and doors are all proposed to be timber with a natural finish.