The Rectory, Suffolk

Status: Concept 2015

Location: Suffolk

The proposal is for a standalone extension with connecting link element, the advantages are;
– Definition of the external spaces – courtyards and garden squares
– To help lift the existing character of Rectory with contrasting design

We have focused on materiality, character and texture to create a proposal with classical proportions. Materials proposed are to be robust and hard in the living areas with an array of different floor textures including quarry tiles, parque and timber boarding in different patterning, a separate much softer playroom is proposed.

Further ideas include;
– No sliding folding doors; simple tall well proportioned double doors
– Exposed brick finish in places
– Timber joinery internally
– Timber panelling minimalist not decorative;
– High skirtings deep and timber lined reveals internally
– Use of copper for roof finish (or alternative standing seam)
– Use of copper for window reveals and sills externally